Fanola Diamante Puro Regenerating Fluid, 100 ml

This hair treatment takes after its diamond namesake by revitalizing hair with simple, strong beauty. It uses a mixture of Argan and Sweet Cypress oil to bring a healthy glisten into the strands. It strengthens the cuticle structure and protects against free radicals from sun and pollution to help you maintain that refreshed shine. It's great for sensitive hair that has been damaged by coloring or severe heat from harsh chemicals and hot irons. For all those with ragged hair, don't despair. It can be saved with a few drops of diamond therapy.


  • Regenerating fluid for sensitized and stressed hair.
  • Diamonds, micro-active gold, and sun filters.
  • Enriched with Argan and Sweet Cyprus Oil.
  • Formulated to counter oxidation.
  • Helps to reverse thermal stress, environmental factors, and mechanical stress.
  • Restores new vitality.
  • Instant silky softness.
  • Apply a few drops to damp, towel-dried hair.
  • For a more immediate effect, apply directly to dry hair.
  • Rapidly absorbs in hair.
  • Build-up free.

How/When: Apply a few drops to damp towel-dried hair and style as desired; for a more immediate effect, apply directly on dry hair. Can be used on clients with regular or sensitive hair before using hot styling tools or blowing the hair dry.  Protect your hair from the elements by using the product on either wet or dry hair before styling.   

Fanola Diamante Puro Regenerating Fluid, 100 ml

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